SHE-com Terms & Conditions



This platform is owned and operated by SHE-Com Pty Ltd as Trustee for SHE-com Trust ABN 65289469568 trading as SHE-com (‘SHE-com’, ‘we’, ‘our’, or ‘us’).

Our platform offers three main programs: 

'Start UP' for new entrepreneurs; 

'Academy' for established businesses; and 

'Scale Mastermind' for businesses looking to scale. 

These are collectively known as 'Programs' and are designed to support different stages of your business journey.

Please read these Terms and Conditions (‘Terms’) carefully before you purchase or access any of our Programs. These Terms, along with our Site Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy, govern your access to and use of, including but not limited to all content, services, and products available at or through the website and the Programs.

By accessing our Programs, you:

  1. a)         acknowledge that you have read, and agree to comply with and be legally bound by, these Terms; and
  2. b)         warrant that you are over 18 years of age and have the legal capacity to enter into a binding contract.

Changes to the Terms 

We reserve the right to modify these Terms at any time, consistent with applicable laws and principles, without notice to you. These changes will be effective as of the date we post the revised version on this Site. It is your responsibility to review these Terms prior to initial use as well as periodically throughout your use of our Programs. If at any time you choose not to accept these Terms, you should discontinue your use of our Programs.

By continuing to access these Programs, you are deemed to accept any future amendments to these Terms. If you are uncertain about the Terms or anything else on our Site, please don’t hesitate to contact us before completing any purchase. 

Digital Products Access and Use

In addition to our Programs, you may be provided access to other Digital Products on our Site. Where you download or purchase our Digital Products, you are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited license to access and use the Digital Products for your own personal use. You may not assign or transfer the Digital Products to any other person without our express written consent. We reserve the right to refuse to provide the products to you at any time for any reason.

After payment for your Digital Product has been confirmed, you will have the option to download it and all responsibility for maintaining the downloaded copy is transferred to you. We will not be responsible for any issues with the Digital Product after it has been downloaded.

Except as otherwise expressly stated, you have no right to modify, edit, copy, reproduce, create derivative works of, reverse engineer, alter, sell, create derivative works of, enhance or in any way exploit any of the Digital Products in any manner whatsoever except as authorised by us.

For the purposes of these Terms, Digital Products include, but are not limited to, downloadable content such as e-books, worksheets, checklists, templates, and video tutorials available on our Site. These products are designed to complement our Programs, offering additional resources for personal or professional development.


Due to the nature of Digital Products, any orders received and processed have a strict no refund policy. Where the incorrect Digital Product is sent to you, or where the link provided to download the Digital Product is not working, we will send the correct Digital Product or a revised download link at no extra cost.



Mentoring Session

If you're still uncertain about whether our Programs are the right fit for you, we invite you to book a mini mentoring session with our team. This session is designed to provide you with a clearer understanding of the program and help you make an informed decision. Your journey to success is important to us, and we want to ensure that you feel confident and informed about your choice to join our community.

Please note that our mini mentoring sessions are intended for mentorship and guidance purposes only. They do not constitute legal advice or paid consulting. The sessions are aimed at offering support and insights to assist you in your decision-making process related to our Programs.

Application Process

You may apply to access the Programs by completing the application form and paying the applicable Program Fee on our Site (‘Site‘). As a condition of purchase and participation in the Programs, you agreed to be bound by our policies and procedures as set out in these Terms, including those incorporated by reference. You agree to provide accurate, current and complete information about yourself as requested or directed, and to promptly update this information to maintain its accuracy. We have the right to suspend or terminate your Program access if we suspect that such information is inaccurate or incomplete. We also reserve the right to deny your application for any reason.

Your access to the applicable Program commences when your application has been accepted by us, or a date specified on our Site, and you pay the price as displayed on our Site and in accordance with these Terms (Program Fees’). Your access to the Programs continues until terminated under these Terms or the Programs are taken down. We will provide you with [30] days’ notice should we plan to take down the Programs. In the event we intend to close down the Programs, we shall provide you with [30] days notice and the ability to download applicable resources contained being the lifetime access we refer to in our promotional material.

To access the Programs, you may be required to create an account. In doing so, you must provide accurate information, including your name, your business name (if applicable), address, a valid email address and contact number. You must also be at least 18 years old. You agree to update this information if and when it changes. You are solely responsible for the activity that occurs on your account, so please keep your account password secure.



Payment Terms for Program Access:

To gain access to the Programs, the Program Fees may be paid through either of the following methods:

A single, full payment of the Program Fees (“Full Payment Option”); or

Monthly instalment payments, as specified at the time of enrolment (“Instalment Payment Option”).

Your chosen payment method must be indicated at the time of enrolment and is final. The total Program Fees payable will depend on the selected payment option.

For the Full Payment Option:

You will be required to pay the full amount of the Program Fees as stated on our website at the time of your enrolment.

For the Instalment Payment Option:

An initial payment is required at the time of enrolment, followed by monthly instalments. The number of instalments and the amount of each instalment will be as outlined on our website during your enrolment process. These instalments will be automatically charged each month on the anniversary of your initial payment.

Under the Instalment Payment Option, you are obligated to complete all payments. Payments cannot be cancelled or altered.

Method of Payment

Automatic Charges Authorisation:

By enrolling in the applicable Program, you authorise us to automatically charge the credit card or debit card provided at the time of enrolment for the Program Fees as they become due, in accordance with these Terms.

Instalment Payments:

If you opt for the Instalment Payment Option, you agree to maintain current billing and personal information and promptly notify us of any changes. It is your responsibility to ensure that adequate funds are available for each payment.

Payment Processing:

Payments are subject to processing by third-party providers (e.g., Stripe). You are responsible for ensuring payments are made on the due dates, regardless of any adjustments by the payment provider. You must do all things reasonably necessary to ensure sufficient funds are available on the scheduled payment dates.

Program Commitment and Payment Terms

Enrolment in our Programs requires a 12-month commitment. Payment options include monthly, or annual plans. 

If you decide to leave our Programs before completing the required 12-month commitment, please be aware that you will not be eligible to re-enrol for a period of two years. Additionally, should you choose to terminate your participation early, you will incur a termination fee. This fee will be 75% of the remaining balance if you leave after six months but before the full 12 months. This approach is designed to support a full commitment to your growth and success within our program.

Failure to Pay:

Where you fail to make payment or payment is declined for any reason, you must provide a new eligible method of payment immediately or we may suspend or revoke your access to the applicable Program. You will be liable for all outstanding payments, including third party payment provider fees, any costs incurred by us trying to recoup the outstanding Program Fees such as debt collection agency costs, including any reasonable legal costs on any Program Fees that remain outstanding. For the period where your access is restricted or revoked, you acknowledge and agree that we will not be liable to you for any refund of the Program Fees due to a failure to pay Program Fee when due or be entitled to any extended period of access to the Programs due to such restriction or revocation.  You further acknowledge and agree that your obligations to continue paying the Payment Plan Fee continues for the remainder of the term of the applicable Program.


At the time of enrolment, we may offer individuals bonuses to sign up for the Programs.  You are entitled to any bonuses on offer at the time of your enrolment. Please note that bonuses are not guaranteed to be available at all times and they may vary subject to any promotions we may have throughout the year.


General Refund Terms:

Due to the digital nature of the Programs we offer, the Program Fees are non-refundable except as required by law or otherwise specified in writing. We do not provide refunds simply because your situation has changed or you have changed your mind.

Program Guarantee 

We're committed to your success. Our programs are designed to help you triple your investment within 12 months by applying our strategies. To activate this guarantee, consistent participation is essential.
Academy Participants: You must attend at least two live group sessions per week and it is essential to complete all training modules and implement our advice and strategies discussed.
Scale Mastermind: You must attend at least three live group sessions per week and for clients who have been assigned a one-on-one coach monthly one-on-one calls are also a must. This commitment demonstrates your dedication to achieving the Program's goals and ensures you qualify for our performance guarantee.

Should you meet these engagement criteria and not see the promised sales growth, we stand by our commitment to your success. We will extend our support, continuing to work with you at no additional cost, until your investment triples in sales value.

To be eligible, you must demonstrate active participation as set out above. 

Criteria for Program Guarantee Approval:

Contact Us: Submit your request via email to [email protected]

Proof of Participation: Provide evidence of active engagement (e.g., attendance at coaching calls, participation in the Facebook group).


Refunds and Chargebacks

Where you have received a refund either directly from us or via a Chargeback the following will apply:

  1.  Material Destruction: If we have provided you with access to our Programs to a verified email address from which you have engaged with us, then you must destroy all electronic copies of any Materials downloaded by you and provide us with written confirmation to [email protected] that you will not use our Materials unless you provide payment in full for the Materials we have provided to you.
  2.  Unauthorised Use: If you receive the Materials and (a) do not comply with point 1 above and/or (b) use the Materials following a refund or Chargeback, we expect immediate payment upon receipt of a tax invoice from us. 

Debt Recovery

Where you use our Materials and we do not receive payment, we reserve the right to recover any outstanding tax invoice through a formal debt recovery process. If this becomes necessary, we will seek payment of our outstanding tax invoices, and you will be liable for any reasonable costs incurred in the debt recovery process, including but not limited to, collection agency fees, legal costs, and any interest on the outstanding amount.

Definition of Chargeback

For the purposes of these Terms of Use, "Chargeback" means the reversal of a payment in response to a request that a customer files directly with their issuing bank or payment network provider.

Statutory Rights:

Nothing in these Terms is intended to modify or otherwise affect your statutory rights under consumer laws or any other applicable legislation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]



Throughout the duration of your Program, you will receive various Program Entitlements designed to enhance your learning experience. The specific entitlements available to you are as described in the Program description at the time of your enrolment.

Detailed Information:

For a complete and current list of the Program Entitlements, please refer to the detailed Program description on our Site

Adherence to Advertised Entitlements:

We commit to providing all the entitlements as outlined in the applicable Program description at the time of your enrolment. Any changes or updates to these entitlements will be communicated to you in a timely manner.

Adaptation to Unforeseen Events:

In the event of a Force Majeure, which refers to any unforeseeable and unavoidable events outside of our reasonable control (including but not limited to natural disasters, pandemics, government actions, or other major disruptions), adjustments may be made to the delivery of Program Entitlements.

Modifications in Delivery:

Should a Force Majeure event occur, we will endeavour to ensure that Program Entitlements are either delivered in an alternative format permissible under the circumstances or rescheduled to a later date. Our priority is to maintain the continuity and quality of your learning experience while adapting to the constraints imposed by such events.

No Entitlement to Compensation:

You acknowledge and agree that in the case of any delays or modifications to Program Entitlements due to a Force Majeure event, you will not be entitled to any form of compensation. Our focus will be on providing viable alternatives to ensure the continuation of the Program under the changed circumstances.

Expert-Led Content and Live Sessions

To enrich your learning journey, we periodically offer exclusive content, including guest lectures, masterclasses, and workshops, delivered by experts across various fields. These special sessions, along with additional resources such as products, programs, or courses from third parties, are carefully selected to complement your program experience and provide valuable insights and practical knowledge from industry leaders.

Disclaimer on Expert Led Content

While we carefully select experts to enhance your learning experience, please note that the views, opinions, and materials provided by guest speakers in lectures, masterclasses, workshops, or other sessions are solely those of the individual contributors and do not necessarily represent those of SHE-com or its affiliates. 

While we endeavour to enrich your learning with high-quality third-party contributions, including guest lectures and workshops, we cannot assure their complete accuracy, quality, or suitability for your specific needs. The availability of these offerings is subject to change, and we accept no responsibility for any modifications or discontinuation. We encourage you to use your judgment in applying the insights from these sessions to your personal or professional context.

Intellectual Property Rights - Content Contribution:

Any individual who agrees to be interviewed as a guest or contributes content in any way, and who is a participant of the Program, transfers all intellectual property rights of such contributions to us. In cases where direct assignment of rights is not possible, you will grant us a non-revocable, perpetual license to use this content.

Consequence of Rule Breach

If you breach the rules of the online group, your access to the group will be revoked and, depending on the severity of the breach, your access to the applicable Program itself may be at risk.

Participation Guidelines for Live Sessions and Access to Recordings

Participants are granted access to live sessions and subsequent recordings solely for their personal and non-commercial use. Redistribution or sharing of session content outside the Programs is strictly prohibited, ensuring respect for the intellectual property rights of the content providers.

We highly encourage active participation in our live sessions for a fully immersive learning experience. For those unable to attend live, recordings are made available, ensuring no one misses out on valuable learning opportunities. These provisions are designed to accommodate the diverse needs and schedules of our participants.

To participate in live sessions and access recordings, participants must meet certain technical requirements. This includes a stable internet connection and compatible hardware and software. 

Group Sessions

Participation Requirements

During the Program, you may also be invited to participate in an online group. In order to be admitted and retain access to the group, you will be required to comply with its rules, including the rules provided by the hosting platform. 


Community Group


As part of the Program entitlements, we shall provide you with access to a closed Community group (“Community Group”).  This Group will remain accessible for a period of [365] days.  

Expectation and Rules

We encourage all participants to be active within the Group and to support and encourage each other. We require participants to comply with our Group rules at all times and any additional directives as announced within the Group.  

Breach of Group Rules

If you breach the rules of the Group, your access to the Group will be revoked and, depending on the severity of the breach, your access to the Program may also be revoked.

Right to Cease Operation

We reserve the right to cease operating any associated online group with seven (7) business days’ notice to you.



Commitment to Resolution

We value your feedback and are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with the Programs. If you encounter any issues or are dissatisfied, we encourage you to let us know. 

How to lodge a Complaint

Should you have any concerns or be dissatisfied in any way, please contact us via [email protected] and include:

  1. a)         your name;
  2. b)         the email address you used to apply for the applicable Program;
  3. c)         details of your concern or complaint;
  4. d)         details of what you would like us to do to resolve the matter; and 
  5. e)         copies of any relevant correspondence.

Acknowledgement and Resolution

We will acknowledge your complaint within three (3) business days and aim to resolve it within fourteen (14) business days. If a complaint requires more time to resolve, we will inform you and provide regular updates.

Respectful Communication

We ask that all parties engage in respectful and constructive communication throughout the complaint process.  This includes refraining from public or private statements that are negative or derogatory towards any involved party. This includes (but is not limited to) communications with third parties or posting on social media or other public forums.

Where one party is dissatisfied, the issue must be dealt with in accordance with the provision of these Terms relating to disputes. In the event that either party breaches this provision by engaging in disparagement or posting negative feedback in a public forum, the non-breaching party has two options:

  1.       The non-breaching party may initiate the dispute resolution process as outlined below to resolve the matter amicably.
  2.       The non-breaching party may pursue legal action to seek remedies, including injunctive relief and damages, as allowed by applicable laws.

The choice between these options will be at the sole discretion of the non-breaching party.


Where a dispute cannot be resolved, both parties agree to participate in mediation.  The mediation will be conducted in accordance with the principles of mediation recognised in the location where we, the Program provider, are based.

Legal Proceedings

If mediation does not resolve the dispute, either party may initiate legal proceedings. The jurisdiction for these proceedings will align with the legal standards applicable in the Program provider's location.

Costs of Mediation and Legal Proceedings:

Mediation Costs: Each party is responsible for their own costs associated with mediation, and any shared costs will be divided equally, unless an alternative agreement is reached.

Legal Costs: In the event of legal proceedings, the prevailing party may be entitled to recover their reasonable legal costs and attorney fees from the non-prevailing party, as determined by the court or as mutually agreed upon.



Ownership of Intellectual Property

As part of the Programs, you will have access to certain materials, including programs, workbooks, forms, templates, precedents, webinars, digital products and other content (‘Materials’). We retain ownership of all Intellectual Property Rights (including copyright) in the Programs and the Materials.

Scope and restrictions on use of Intellectual Property

To the extent required for participation in the Programs and in consideration for the payment of the Program Fees, you are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, single-use, limited licence to access and use the Materials for your own personal use and non-commercial use, and you agree not to:

  1. a)         modify the Materials; 
  2. b)         copy or share the Materials or in any way cause or allow them to be copied or shared; 
  3. c)         assign or transfer your membership of the Program to any other person without our express written consent; or
  4. d)         sublicense, publish, sell, or provide the Materials to, or otherwise allow them to be used by, third parties.

Team member access

You may not allow access to your Program membership to any team member without our express written consent. In instances where consent is given for team member access, you are responsible for ensuring that all such team members comply with the Program's terms and conditions. You remain accountable for any actions taken by them within the Program. 

You must not under any circumstances remove any copyright notice, trade mark or author mark from any part of the Materials.

Consequences of Infringement

If you infringe our Intellectual Property Rights, we reserve the right to immediately terminate your access to the Programs and the Materials without refund and pursue legal remedies including an accounting of profits should you use our Programs and Materials for commercial purposes.  You will be liable for all costs (including reasonable legal costs) incurred due to your breach of these Terms. 

Your Intellectual Property

For any intellectual property that you provide us with through your participation in the Programs (‘Participant Content’), you warrant that you are the owner of this intellectual property and indemnify us against any claim made by a third party arising out of any breach of intellectual property rights from our use of the Participant Content (including distribution for promotional purposes). We respect your intellectual property and will not use any Participant Content without your permission, except as necessary to deliver the Program and Program benefits to you. By participating in the Programs, you grant us a non-exclusive, revocable, royalty-free license to use and reproduce your Participant Content solely for the purposes of providing and enhancing the Program.



Where you have provided testimonials (in any format), you acknowledge and consent that we may use these along with reference to you on our Site and social media channels, or any other avenue, for promotional and other purposes at our discretion.

You acknowledge that part of your Program may include images, copy, text and recordings (in audio and/or video format) of your participation in the Programs, where you may feature prominently. These recordings are both for the purposes of providing the Programs and for us to use in our promotional material to market the Programs. You irrevocably consent to our use of these recordings without restriction, including but not limited to our ability to modify, publish, reproduce or distribute them at our discretion.



We always appreciate interaction on our social media channels and feedback about our Programs, as it helps us to improve our Site and our Programs. Through this Site or the Programs, you may be invited to submit a review or interact with us via our social media channels. We love to hear from you! 

When you do decide to submit such feedback or comments, you give us permission to post or otherwise use that feedback on our social media or other channels. If you don’t want us to do that, you can email us and tell us at any time.

We reserve the right to remove a review or comment if such review or comment

  •         contains libelous or otherwise unlawful, abusive or obscene material;
  •         attacks our employees or another contributor;
  •         contains material that discloses your personal information; or
  •         is unrelated to the post or content to which you have reviewed or commented on. Again. Just be a good person.

Our Site and Programs may feature user reviews and comments, these reviews and comments in no way represent our views or opinions or those of the owners, shareholders, employees or others, but are the sole product of its creator. We disclaim all liability with respect to any content submitted by the user.

On our Site, we present real-life examples of and insights into other customers’ and/or clients’ experiences with our Programs for illustration purposes only. Any results presented demonstrate to users what can be possible but are not intended to represent or guarantee that any current or future users of our Programs will achieve the same or similar results. 



We reserve the right to terminate your access to the Programs with immediate effect for any of the following reasons:

  1. a)         Non-payment of Program Fees when due;
  2. b)         Infringement of our Intellectual Property Rights;
  3. c)         conduct that is demonstrably injurious or potentially harmful to our reputation;
  4. d)         Unauthorised disclosure of Confidential Information;
  5. e)         Breaches of these Terms or failure to fulfil any undertakings, warranties or obligations under these Terms.

Notice and Remedy

For breaches deemed rectifiable, we will provide you with notice and a reasonable opportunity to remedy the issue before termination.

Appeal Process:

You may appeal a termination decision by contacting us within seven (7) days of receiving our notice of termination, upon receipt, we will review the decision.



You agree to respect our privacy and confidential information, which includes information relating to our business, finances, operations, marketing strategy, administration, technology, clients, customers, employees, contractors or suppliers, along with our intellectual property and other information relating to trade secrets, know-how, systems and processes. Accordingly, unless you have our prior written consent, you will keep any information we choose to share confidential. You also agree to respect the privacy and confidential information of other Course participants unless you receive express written consent from such other participant. We will not disclose any information you provide except as set out in these Terms. 

However, these obligations of confidentiality do not apply to any disclosure that:

  1. a)         is for the purpose of performing the Terms or exercising a party’s right under the Terms;
  2. b)         is required by applicable law; or
  3. c)         relates to Confidential Information that is publicly available through no fault of the receiving party or its personnel or was rightfully received from a third party without restriction or breach of any obligation of confidence.



In addition to any other prohibitions, you must not under any circumstances access or otherwise use the Programs or their content: 

  1. a)         for any unlawful purpose; 
  2. b)         if you or your business in any way competes with our business;
  3. c)         to solicit others to perform or participate in any unlawful acts; 
  4. d)         to violate any international, federal, or state regulations, rules, laws, or local ordinances; 
  5. e)         to attempt to change, remove, or otherwise interfere with the Programs or any of the Materials; 
  6. f)         to infringe upon any other person's proprietary rights; or
  7. g)         to send any unsolicited advertising or promotional material, commonly referred to as 'spam'.



You acknowledge and agree to the following:


  1. a)         Give this Program the attention and energy it deserves, attending as many live calls as possible and completing the exercises and work required to implement the strategies.
  2. b)         Treat all participants and staff within the Program with respect, care, and kindness.
  3. c)         Understand that the Program is not a 'quick fix' and that the success or failure of your business depends solely on your efforts.
  4. d)         Commit to the entire program by joining. You cannot cancel or receive a refund for a change of mind, and it is your responsibility to ensure you have the time and resources to fully commit to the program.
  5. e)         Bring enthusiasm, positive vibes, and a 'can do' attitude to all aspects of the Program.
  6. f)         Maintain the confidentiality of the Program's work, sharing it only with those who have also paid to attend, and act with integrity by not sharing confidential information from within the group outside of it.
  7. g)         Communicate with coaches and staff through official channels, such as the designated email ([email protected] rather than personal social media profiles.
  8. h)         Engage fully, striving to be the best version of yourself and give your utmost effort.
  9. i)         Certify that you are here to grow your own e-commerce brand and are not coaching any clients as a business or e-commerce coach. Engaging in such activities constitutes a conflict of interest and may result in being asked to leave the Program.


Consequences of Breaching Commitments:

In the event that you fail to adhere to any of the above commitments, you acknowledge and agree that we reserve the right to take appropriate action, which may include:

  1. a)     Issuing a warning regarding the breach.
  2. b)     Temporarily suspending your access to the program and its resources.
  3. c)     Permanently removing you from the program without a refund.
  4. d)     Taking legal action if the breach involves infringement of proprietary rights or confidentiality obligations, to seek injunctive relief and/or damages.

Such actions will be taken at our discretion, depending on the severity and nature of the breach. We are committed to fostering a respectful and productive environment for all participants and reserve the right to enforce these commitments to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of the Program.



Programs Provision

We provide the Programs and its content on an ‘as is’ basis.  While we strive for accuracy and relevance, we cannot guarantee any specific results from your participation. Your experience and outcomes will be dependent on your own commitment, motivation and application of the Programs Materials. Any examples of previous participants’ experiences, including reviews, testimonials or other statements, are provided for illustrative purposes only, and are simply examples of what can be possible.

Limitation of Liability

You acknowledge that participation is at your own risk and except as expressly permitted by law, we cannot be held liable for:

  1. a)         any loss or damage that you may suffer as a result of your participation (including where you disclose confidential information during any group participation);
  2. b)         your inability to participate in the Programs for any reason;
  3. c)         your failure to maintain the security of your login details that enable you to access the Programs;
  4. d)         the statements or conduct of any third party; or
  5. e)         your reliance on the suggestions or recommendations of any third party or Program participant. 

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws, in no event are we responsible for any losses and expenses however arising, including without limitation, any direct, indirect and/or present, unascertained, future or contingent, loss of use, loss of data, loss caused by a virus, loss of income or profit or projected profit, loss or damage to property, claims of third parties, or other losses of any kind or character arising from or in connection with your use of our Site and/or our Programs, your inability to access our Site and/or Programs Materials, interruption or outage of our Site and/or Programs or the fact that content on our Site or in our Programs is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date. Our liability for any breach of a condition or warranty under these Terms shall be limited to the extent provided for under applicable consumer laws. 


You agree to indemnify us against any loss or damage, including legal costs, related to your breach of these Terms. 



This Site, and the content on this Site is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis and to the fullest extent permitted by law we make no representations, guarantees or warranties of any kind about our Site and/or purchasing the applicable Programs including that:

  •         they are suitable, reliable, complete, secure, accurate or fit for any particular purpose;
  •         access will be free of any harmful components (including viruses) or other code that is harmful or may assist in causing harm; or
  •         there is no possibility of failure to store communications or other data.



General Nature of Content

Any content or information provided in the Programs is of a general nature only and does not constitute professional advice. We do not claim to be licensed professionals in fields such as legal, medical or financial advisory or any other type of licensed professional and cannot be held liable for any reliance on the information we provide through our Programs.  Therefore, reliance on the information provided is at your own risk. You are responsible for determining whether our Programs are right for you.

Professional Advice

No part of our Programs is a substitute for obtaining advice that is specific to your individual circumstances from a qualified professional. 

Guaranteed Results with Conditions

We are committed to providing high-quality Programs designed to produce tangible results. Therefore, we offer a results guarantee under specific conditions to demonstrate our confidence in our Programs. To qualify for this guarantee, participants must actively engage in all aspects of the Program, including attending sessions, completing assignments, and applying the strategies taught.

However, it's important to acknowledge that individual outcomes can vary significantly based on personal effort, external factors, and application of the Program's principles. While we stand behind our content and methodology, we cannot control every variable that may impact your success. As such, the guarantee is contingent upon your full participation and adherence to the Program's requirements.

Third Party References

Any reference to other products or services, programs, courses, processes or other information appearing within the Programs does not constitute or imply our endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation in any way.



You are not allowed under any circumstances to use or access any documents or content on our Site in any way that competes with our business. We reserve the right to exclude and not permit any person using this Site or accessing our Programs in our sole discretion.


When you apply to take part in our Programs, and during your participation, you may be required to provide us with certain personal information (such as contact details) and sensitive information (such as information about your health or finances).

Your privacy is extremely important to us. We will only use your personal information in order to provide you with our Program Entitlements and to communicate with you about our Programs. Where you wish to withdraw your consent from email communications, you may simply unsubscribe. Your information will be dealt with in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which is accessible here. [Insert Privacy Policy URL]



These Terms will become binding when you agree to these Terms, including by clicking 'I consent' or 'I agree' or similar, or by purchasing and/or commencing our Programs.



Whenever possible, each provision of these Terms will be interpreted in such a manner as to be effective and valid under Applicable Law, but if any provision of these Terms is held invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of these Terms will nevertheless remain in full force and effect and the invalid or unenforceable provision will be replaced by a valid or enforceable provision.



You cannot assign these Terms, or otherwise deal with the benefit of them or any rights under them, without our prior written consent. We reserve the right to assign or novate the Terms, or otherwise deal with the benefit of them or rights under them, without your consent.



These Terms constitute our entire agreement with you about our Programs and supersede all previous agreements, understandings and negotiations.



The performance and enforcement of these Terms will accord with the laws in force where we are located as indicated on our Site. You agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in that jurisdiction.